Behind Cover Up

At the tender age of 17, John Chiarenza came up with the original “Cover-Up” game idea. He loved playing cards and decided to ideate and invent the game “Cover-Up”, a “casino” genre game that could be played as solitaire or in competition with other players.

After a lot of trial and error, John came up with “Cover-Up”. The name came to be, because in the beginning the game was played with a deck of cards and pairs were physically covered up with cards from the unused deck.

However, during this time computers were not even an option or thought (had no access to UNIVAC) let alone smart phones.

Years passed as his idea continued to incubate and evolve wondering how to get this game to the masses and classes of the world.

He was and still is bewildered and amazed by technology. One fine day a friend suggested he listen to a radio tech show, The Leo Laporte Show on KFI that simplified technology. Well he listened and was blown away and inspired by Leo “Tech Man” Laporte. Leo made technology seem attainable even to someone who is technical as a sledge hammer. That’s when it hit him, “I could create an App for my game for all to enjoy”. Thus the “Cover-Up” App was born.

Keep in mind that John may come from the “Rat Pack” age, but that has never stopped him from moving forward.

He has had quite a colorful and interesting past:

• Barber to a varied clientele including, but not limited to, Elvis Presley, entourage AKA “The Memphis Mafia”, the Beach Boys, Mama and Papas, Dick Clark, and too many Jazz and Rock musicians to mention.

• Founded “Head” shampoo, a global company. He wrote and directed all media including radio, television, and print ads.

• He has had, at last count, 14 haircutting establishments in L.A. and Orange County (so far).

• Played poker weekly at Larry Flynt’s house with Dennis Hopper, Terry Southern, and a cast of plenty……

How many people can say they have:

• Worked for Elvis
• Cut Dick Clark’s hair
• Played poker at Larry Flynt’s house
• Founded the internationally famous “Head Shampoo”
• And the game “Cover-Up”????